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Where does John Travolta park his jets when he’s at home?  How tiny is Ozzy Osbourne’s $12.4 million home (Hint: Not very.  It might even have its own zip code)?  What does the view look like from Shakira’s boat dock?

If you care more about seeing celebrity houses than the latest break-up or baby born, you need to know about Celebrity  This site features details and photos of the homes and communities of the rich and famous.  

John Travolta's neighborhood / CC BY 2.0

Generally you’ll find price, dimensions, and location information.  Many contain aerial photos (which really highlight the size of these estates) or images of the sometimes extravagant interiors.  Brief biographies of the celebrities are also included.

For a fee, the site offers contact information for the celebrities, in case you want to take up stalking as a new hobby  - or maybe you want to share interior design tips with Rachel Uchitel, an alleged mistress of Tiger Woods.   Her home in Las Vegas is currently for sale.   

Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck also selling his home in New Canann, CT.  If you’re in the market for a mansion, don’t forget to invite me over for a week.  I’m a good cook…

by John Barker

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