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Need a Hand?0

Ever find yourself trying to balance a screwdriver, a screw, a nut, and a flashlight all at the same time?  It’s the exact situation that points out a fundamental design flaw in human beings: we need more hands.

I’m sure there are some geneticists working on this problem as I type (with my two hands), but I suspect there won’t be any drastic evolution of humankind in the foreseeable future.  Another more probable – and definitely cheaper -solution is available to us right now.

These are the Grip Lite LED Gloves, and while they aren’t exactly an extra hand, they make it easier to use the two you have.  Or find that little screw when you drop it.

An adjustable LED light is built into each glove over the index finger which allows you to direct the light beam without losing the use of the hand that would otherwise hold the flashlight.  The gloves are made of Spandex and sport reinforced PVC palms, making them cut-resistant.  Plus, they come in a very fashionable red/black color combo… if that matters.

At just shy of $15.00 per pair, these are a wise investment for any fix-it-yourselfer with less than three hands…

by John Barker

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