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Just for the Ladies?0

In my world, a hammer is a hammer. To me, tools stand for sweat, labor, and lots of dust. So when I saw this pink hammer, I did a double-take:

Pretty, isn’t it?  I  dug further and found this:


And this:



These stylish tools are part of a collection from The Original Pink Box, a company that also sells  pink drills, pink work gloves, pink socket sets, and more.

The few reviews I came across maintain that these are high-quality items designed in screaming pink in order to appeal to women.  Though the color may appeal to The Original Pink Box’s marketing demographic, I think that most Fix-It-Yourself-ers (men and women) simply don’t care what color their tools are – unless the colors delineate a different size or head configuration, that is. We’re too busy smashin’ down walls and trying not to get electrocuted to worry about how stylish our tools are.

Course I could be wrong…  Women confuse me.  Constantly.  That being the case, these neon pink tools could be the new trend in hardware. 

And they even have a nice, big, pink house to live in:

Move over Barbie . . .there’s a new toy in town.

by John Barker

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