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It’s Cool to be Warm0

As long as we’ve been talking about stylish tools, let’s also consider radiators as art.  Many European design companies have brought fine design to what used be an item of purely function, and now the radiator brings not only warmth but beauty to your home.  Buy the high end radiator, hang it on the wall, and you don’t need another painting.  That’s cool.

To be cool and warm and colorful,  Caleido, an Italian company, offers their radiators in 11 colors, and with coordinating towel warmers.    Can you find the radiator in this room? 

This one, by Antrax, is a softer look, but still modern and sculptural.

 From Aeon Designer Radiators in the UK,  “the the humble radiator has been transformed into stainless steel to deliver unrivalled performance and stunning good looks. . . Towering columns, spirals, cubes, geometric lines and precise finishing are all features.

If your American sensibilities are concerned about the potential technical difficulties of matching a European product with USA pipes,  Reed Hudson, another company in the UK, claims that all their products “are suitable for North American plumbing fittings.”

by Lisa Oram

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