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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cooked Glass: A Visual Feast0

A platter like this one - it’s  almost too pretty to eat off.  Handmade by Pam McClean, this piece of glass is the result of study, dedication, and the ability to be calm in the face of very high heat, melting glass, and sometimes flying shards.  Ouch.  Pam McLean has been working with glass for many years.  [...]

A Tool that Doesn’t Suck0

I have to admit -  when I unwrapped the gift I got from my in-laws on Christmas morning,  I thought to myself,  “Oh great, another piece of crap to go in my toolbox.  I’ll keep it right  next to the electric scissors and the power adjustable wrench.”  I stashed it in the trunk of my car for [...]

Smart Homes for Dummies0

Thanks to the current economy, many of us have cut the entertainment budget in half.  Movie nights are on the couch and eating out is, well, out of the question.  Yet, while we are suffering, our ordinary household appliances are sucking up plenty of pennies all around us. How many more take-out meals must we miss to keep [...]

Tank you, Tank you.0

We brought you the Fish Tank and the Artsy Fartsy Tank, and now friends, the Tank Tool.    Much more than a toy, this little tank is truly functional.  Sporting 38 assorted screwdriver and socket bits, treads that double as storage cases, and a turret that turns into a screwdriver handle (and also doubles as a waistband hook), [...]

Better Homes, Hold the Garden0

Brangelina may still love the McMansion, but most homebuyers these days are adopting a “cents and sensibility” approach.   According to a recent survey  by Better Homes and Gardens, 36 percent of consumers expect to downsize when purchasing their next home.  To these homeowners, however, smaller does not mean less.   The survey found that price, energy-efficiency, organization, and comfort are top priorities.  [...]

Creativity on the Can0

Some of you may not want the burden of feeding a Fish n’ Flush , but do not despair -  you can still get creative on the can with the WOW Toilet .   Just replace your existing tank with the WOW toilet kit – including a water tank, a lid,  and a see-through shield that holds your [...]

How Not to . . . .0

Construction is a tough biz.  There are so many more ways to do things wrong than to do them right.  You can easily misread a situation, and even when you think you’ve crossed every t and dotted every i,  things still get screwed up.   For example:    It looks like he had the proper angle to me!  And then how does that happen – [...]

A Room of Your Own0

Need a little privacy, a place to escape from noisy kids or house chores?  You can have it better than the doghouse. You can build yourself a prefabricated little hide-away from Modern Cabana .  The company, founded in 2004 by Casper Mork-Ulnes and Nick Danmer in San Francisco, CA, provides a variety of prefab buildings [...]

Move Over Roomba0

Saw dust.  Concrete dust.  Dirt and sand.  Job sites get dirty.  And cleaning up is pretty much the last thing you feel like doing after busting your butt working all day. That’s where this little guy comes into play:   This is the XV-11 from Neato Robotics .  It navigates with the same technology utilized [...]

Leave it to the Italians0

Here it is:  the perfect couch to go with your talking  Mood Wall.    It glows—and changes colors!  That’s big plus in my book since I have the bad habit of smacking my shins on furniture when stumbling around in the dark.   This couch is part of  the Stardust line of armchairs, pillows, sofas, and other upholstered furniture that was created in 2007 by Italian [...]

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