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Home Depot Surprise0

No impromptu concerts this weekend at the Home Depot in Rancho Mirage, California, where last weekend, shoppers were serenaded by former Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.  According to TMZ, Rolling Stone, and numerous music-related blogs, Tyler was shopping at Home Depot when he got hold of a microphone and belted out portions of Dude Looks Like a Lady and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing over the store’s PA system.  I would not have chosen the latter to serenade a hardware mega-store.  Something more upbeat, perhaps.

So, where was Bruce Springsteen?   If Home Depot is becoming the concert venue du jour, the incomprehensibly mumbled pro-American lyrics of Springsteen would fit perfectly.
 But no.  This was Steven Tyler.  The same Steven Tyler who checked himself into rehab in December of 2009 for addiction to painkillers.  Apparently, he’s now on day treatment, which affords him the time for a little extra shopping and singing. 

The rehab center might rethink his discharge; rumor has it that Tyler took a few hits from a helium tank and kept singing in a crazy, high-pitched voice while signing autographs.  That would have been damn funny to see – or hear.

Of course, if  any of us had done that, we’d have been arrested.  Probably after getting punched in the face.  Multiple times.  Followed by several hours in a holding cell,  then bail, community service, and general humiliation.

But maybe Home Depot will see this as a new way to make some bucks and put in a karaoke machine.  Watcha think? 

by John Barker

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