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Congratulations, Taylor Swift!0

One of my favorite singers, Taylor Swift, won four Grammies this year.  The stand out award was for Album of the Year:  Fearless, the bestselling album with 5.4 million copies sold.

Turns out Swift, who is very funny and a natural performer, is a bit of a Fix-it-Yourself-er, too. 

In an interview with Robert Strauss for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Swift reminisces about spending summers on the New Jersey Shore.  Her family had a house in Stone Harbor from when she was 2 to 14 years old, and Swift says, “It was really cool living on the bay, and we have so many stories about it. We used to all gather together on the dock when the boat parades would go by on July 4 and we’d shoot water balloons at them.”

Sounds like fun.

She goes on to talk about her own little construction project, “I made a clubhouse in the room above my garage and made a filing system of members of the club. Everyone had a profile that I would write on tiles I found. I painted the whole room different colors and used to spend all day in there just doing nothing but sitting in my little club because it was mine.” 

Not a bad idea for a spring or summer project with the kiddies. Tell them it will be just like the one Taylor Swift had, and they can paint and decorate it any way they please. 

Swift’s film career is taking a nice climb, too, with a starring role in the ensemble comedy Valentine’s Day, directed by Gary Marshall, which will open this month. Check out the clip below.

Stone Harbor photo from Photographer:  Major General John K. Stoner, Jr., US Army (Retired)

by Kenna McHugh

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