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The rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie never end:  on, off, and on again.  Who can keep it straight? 

According to TMZ , Pitt’s recent-ish purchase of a $1.1 million estate in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles proves that . . . .

Splitting up?  Nope.  Expanding their compound?  Yep.

Celebrity Real Estate Homes reports that Pitt purchased this estate from the late Anne Tyler Sherman in August of 2009.  The 3232 square-foot house sits on a 10,759-square-foot lot.  Sporting two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large main room, a bonus room, a stone fireplace, and a bar (complete with a “secret cave”—which reinforces my belief that Brad Pitt is Batman), Pitt managed to purchase the house for $400,000 below asking price. / CC BY 2.0

While some folks thought this purchase was meant to be his new batchelor pad,  in fact, the acquisition of this property completes the family compound, which is close to 2 full acres in size.  Four other properties adjoin the recent purchase, including a 1915 Craftsman-style home (5,760-square-feet) on a 43,268-square-foot lot; a 1,653-square-foot home on .13-acre; a 2,454-square-foot house on .29-acre; and a 1,534-square-foot-house on .15 acre.  

The total amount spent: $4,933,500. 

With all of this property at hand, Pitt, Jolie and all their kids, have plenty of room to spread out.   They can be on again, off again, and it barely shows.  Maybe an overnight guest  – the other would never know.

by John Barker

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