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Steamrollers = fun!

Well… okay, not really.  That’s a lie…  But, believe it or not, there are some people out there who have figured out how to have fun with those massive, slow moving monstrosities.

Take this guy, for example.  He’s not satisfied with the trademark speed of a steamroller at .000000000005 miles per hour.  Nor is he content with its terrain-based nature.  No, he wants more.  He wants to fly!

There you have it folks, The Flying Steamroller, created by artist Chris Burden.  Once the steamroller reaches its maximum speed, a hydraulic piston pushes upward and lifts the machine off the ground.  The combined weight of the steamroller and the counterbalance is roughly 48 tons.  Centrifugal force keeps the steamroller aloft for several minutes.

I think these  guys have an even better idea: They’re cruisin’ chicks on da strip in their bad ass roller:

But, if you’re financially impaired (like I am) and can’t afford a flying steamroller or a smokin’ babe machine, you can always go the route of this guy:

While you probably won’t get a date (nor will you get any air), you’ll at least have the satisfaction of being laughed at, mocked, and generally degraded until you decide that a shopping cart may be more fun to ride in.

Least that’s what happened to me.

by John Barker

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