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Fish and Flush0

This is the Fish n’ Flush .   The name implies casting out a line, catching something delicious, then swirling it down the toilet, which if you think about it,  is the natural way of things – with a little chewing and digesting in the middle.   But that is not what this is about.  Think beauty. . . while you’re peeing.

In this toilet, it looks like the entire tank has been replaced by a beautiful reef, alive with fish.  But actually, the  aquarium is a modular unit that fits in front of the tank itself.  Made of durable acrylic, it holds 2.2 gallons of water (fresh or salt water—though I’m not sure I’d be cool with somebody missing their mark and peeing all over a tank holding my $90 Magnificent Foxface  Rabbitfish).  A dual filter, fill valve, and complete flushing system make this just like a regular fish tank -  connected to your toilet.

Two plastic plants are included.  Gravel, water and fish are all that need be added to make your $299 toilet a tropical aqua-playground.

The idea behind the Fish n’ Flush is to make the bathroom the center of attention.  I’m of the mind that the kitchen is a better place for groups to gather.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want an audience watching while I’m in the bathroom.  The fish would be bad enough.

by John Barker

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