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Toyota isn’t the only company currently experiencing a product recall.

It appears that Oxmor House, Inc., publisher of numerous home improvement books, has issued a voluntary recall for  several titles.  The problem is errors in the electrical wiring diagrams and instructions included in the following publications:

  • AmeriSpec Home Repair Handbook
  • Lowe’s Complete Home Improvement and Repair
  • Lowe’s Complete Home Wiring
  • Sunset Basic Home Repairs
  • Sunset Complete Home Wiring
  • Sunset Complete Patio Book
  • Sunset Home Repair Handbook
  • Sunset Water Gardens
  • Sunset You Can Build – Wiring

 Over 951,000 copies of these books sold throughout the United States and Canada.  While no incidents or injuries have been reported, the recall notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states that the faulty diagrams could cause, “an electrical shock or fire hazard to consumers.”

A fire caused by faulty wiring is one of my personal nightmares.  Having wired a few rooms myself, I make sure I follow the instructions and diagrams as closely as possible.  It’s just plain scary to find out that I could  burn my house down even though I properly followed (incorrect) instructions.

If you own one of these books, please contact Oxmor House for a full refund here.

But what about your fire-hazard-incorrectly-wired house?  And, some of these texts have been in stores since 1975.  Um… isn’t 2010 a bit late for a recall?

by John Barker

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