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The Wall of Many Moods1

It’s always hard picking a color scheme for your living room walls. Eggshell is extra blah, and if you pick something that’s too bold, it’s going to take quite a few coats to erase the awful memory.  However, with Change It!, your problems are solved.  No decisions. No mistakes.

This color-changing wall is comprised of small triangles, which can spin Wheel of Fortune style, to create your dream color scheme. It  can morph into whatever color scheme you wake up wanting.  It’s the perfect design element for someone who changes their mind as often as their clothes.

And installation is easy, too.  No worries  about paint spills and those messy, crunchy paintbrushes. It’s all the color and none of the mess!  

Aside from the ability to change colors to match your mood, Change It! can also flip its tiles to spell out words. That’s right – the wall is a great way to support the home team, or give someone lingering in the kitchen a shout out for snacks (C-H-E-E-T-O-S!).

But don’t get TOO excited. Apparently, designer Amirko (aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov) is the only one  who can currently signal from the wall for his favorite snack treats.  According to Yanko Design,  the Change It! wall is currently just a concept design.

by Rachel Cericola

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Comments / Discussion

  1. I love this idea! Of course, if my walls could spell words, they would probably say, "Please clean this house." That is, if my smart-aleck husband were left alone long enough ...
    February 11, 2010 at 4:03 pm | Permalink
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