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Move Over Roomba0

Saw dust.  Concrete dust.  Dirt and sand.  Job sites get dirty.  And cleaning up is pretty much the last thing you feel like doing after busting your butt working all day.

That’s where this little guy comes into play:


This is the XV-11 from Neato Robotics .  It navigates with the same technology utilized by military robots and autonomous cars.  An invisible laser range finder takes 4000 readings per second, noting every object within 13 feet of the robotic vacuum.  It gathers readings several times, from several locations, and  stores the information to create  a map of the room. 

The unique tracking system allows the XV-11 to plot a deliberate course throughout the room instead of randomly bouncing off of walls.  It also conserves battery power.  Plus, the map is constantly updated.  As the XV-11 sucks up debris, it  constantly scans in order to avoid random objects—such as your leg.

The vacuum itself uses a centrifugal compression-impeller—essentially a tiny jet engine.  Neato Robotics states that the mechanism is strong enough to thoroughly clean many different surfaces—from stone to carpet.

Let’s take a look at the little guy in action:

All this cleaning doesn’t come cheap.  Be prepared to drop $400 for the XV-11 when it debuts in late February 2010.

by John Barker

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