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How Not to . . . .0

Construction is a tough biz.  There are so many more ways to do things wrong than to do them right.  You can easily misread a situation, and even when you think you’ve crossed every t and dotted every i,  things still get screwed up.   For example:   

It looks like he had the proper angle to me!  And then how does that happen – the chimney stack defied the laws of physics and went the other way.  It’s not like the poor truck driver didn’t actually think it all out.  I mean,  it looks like he did. . .  Having taken down many a large tree myself, I know how gravity can play tricks.  Perhaps if he had tied another line from the chimney to a place near his truck -  always coulda/shoulda/woulda.  

And what’s with the guys standing around in the crush zone?  No matter which way the chimney fell, the guy in the truck is still smarter than they are.

Then you have this situation that could happen to many of us at any time.    There’s a correct way to get off of a roof, and there’s this way: 

Ouch.  Spiderman he is not.  That was quite a slip.

Here’s another kind of slip.  The kind that gets you yelled at by your boss and raises your company’s insurance rates:

While I’m not sure if that one  is real or a set up, the amount of damage caused by one slip of the hand is quite catastrophic.  I love the guy just outside of the building as he stands there and watches the spool roll off into the sunset.  Too bad he didn’t have a beer.  He could have lifted a toast in salute.

What do you think about those security guards?  To me they look like bit actors on break from their desk work characters on Law & Order. . .

Have any videos of crazy construction accidents?  If you want to see them on this site, leave us a link in the comments, and we’ll check it out. 

By John Barker

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