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Creativity on the Can0

Some of you may not want the burden of feeding a Fish n’ Flush , but do not despair -  you can still get creative on the can with the WOW Toilet .  

Just replace your existing tank with the WOW toilet kit – including a water tank, a lid,  and a see-through shield that holds your choice of poster.   Then you can choose how you want guests to remember your powder room: flowers, flames, palm trees, or a few of the lovelies below. 

The  kit come with one free poster, but you can buy additional ones from their extensive catalog.  Think about it the possibilities – a new poster every month?  or for each season?   Santa on your toilet, perhaps? 

If you fancy yourself a budding artist, submit your own design and WOW will print up an original — for an extra $10.   

Of course, it’s not just a statement about your taste, but also your environmental stance: the unit is designed with dual-flush valves, which cuts down on water use and your water bill.

The company says the toilet is also prime advertising space. It probably won’t get you any return dinner invitations, but could be a neat little gimmick for someone’s small business. In case you fear some prankster pooh-poohing your message, the tank also has dual key locks for added security.

The WOW  Toilet is available in single- or dual-flush options for $89.95.  Additional posters cost $4.95 each.

By Rachel Cericola

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