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Smart Homes for Dummies0

Thanks to the current economy, many of us have cut the entertainment budget in half.  Movie nights are on the couch and eating out is, well, out of the question.  Yet, while we are suffering, our ordinary household appliances are sucking up plenty of pennies all around us. How many more take-out meals must we miss to keep the heat on? 

None – or at least fewer – if we get on board with Smarthome’s Insteon iMeter Kit.

This handy dandy system can rat out the energy-hungry devices going on a bender around your house. Plug one end of your favorite energy hog into the system’s iMeter Solo device. Then plug the iMeter Solo into any electrical outlet. As the juice gets gobbled up, the meter transmits info to an online database via the similar looking iGateway, which gets its own outlet and plugs into your router.

Together, the two devices can track geeky things such as total watts used, costs per day, projected monthly costs, and more. Once all of the info is collected, the online system makes pretty tables and graphs to tell you which of your electric devices is doing the most damage. The whole setup can even email you if one of those devices decides to go rogue and push your budget to or over the limit.

 According to Smarthome, the iMeter Kit isn’t quite available yet. Start shutting off lights and other devices now, and maybe by the time it’s released, you’ll have the $90 you need for the kit. Sign up on Smarthome’s website and they’ll email you when it’s available.

By Rachel Cericola

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