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A Tool that Doesn’t Suck0

I have to admit -  when I unwrapped the gift I got from my in-laws on Christmas morning,  I thought to myself,  “Oh great, another piece of crap to go in my toolbox.  I’ll keep it right  next to the electric scissors and the power adjustable wrench.”  I stashed it in the trunk of my car for a covert return to the hardware store. 

But a few weeks later, with the Dremel Driver Mini Drill still in the trunk and my in-laws on their way up for a weekend visit, I unpacked the thing and put on a smile. 

Now I have to admit I was wrong about that  little drill.  In just a few weeks, it has taken a place of honor among the best tools I have ever owned.  It’s getting more use lately than my 18V Cordless Dewalt.

The Mini Drill is lightweight and compact, so it is perfect for those projects where you can’t fit a regular-sized drill into the workspace.  And one of the best features is the charging base.  The driver comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that does not develop a memory, so it can be constantly charged to full capacity and always be ready when you need it.The truly amazing thing about this little gem is the power.  Billed as a low speed, high torque driver, it has great control not often found in the high speed drills, yet I can easily drive a 3” drywall screw into a piece of hardwood. For  projects like wiring an outlet, installing hollow wall anchors, or anything that has a bunch of screws to drive, the Dremel Driver is perfect. 

Retailing for about $75, you will get the driver, the charging base, and a set of assorted driver bits that adapt to the magnetic tip.  It also fits a standard bit extension so the driver is easily adapted to sockets or any kind of bit you might need. I can’t wait to use The Dremel Driver on my next car project where working in tight spaces is always an issue.

by Jon Burke

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