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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Demolition Derby0

There’s something . . . I dunno . . . soothing in the word demolition.  Probably because I enjoy smashing a sledgehammer through drywall. But let’s face it.  Most of the demolition we Fix-It-Yourself-ers will be involved in is small fry:  stuff like ripping out framing, tearing out insulation, or tearing a roof off of a house. And [...]

Functional & Flirty Work Dress1

We’re not used to strapping on something sassy to hammer nails and apply paint. However, for Caroline Woolard, functional does not have to equal frumpy. To spruce up the typical workwear, she designed the Work Dress, which is sort of a hybrid apron/tool belt. It has an insane amount of pockets, which can hold tools, [...]

Wind Light, Star Bright0

As of 2005, wind turbines generated approximately 17 billion kilowatt-hours of energy in the United States each year (which equals enough power for roughly 1.6 million homes). These Wind Lights from Mathmos are a bit smaller than actual turbines.  A lot smaller, actually.  And while they’re not hooked into a large power grid, they will provide [...]

Burnin’ Down the House0

Of course burning down (or destroying in any manner) the house is only amusing when it’s not your own.  The concept of destruction as entertainment  is as old as… well, as destruction itself. I find it remarkable that so many movies also feature home destruction.  I find it even more remarkable that it is so difficult [...]

HGTV Dream Home: We Have a Winner!0

We all like to think about our dream home – and Myra Lewis can stop now. Myra, 63, was recently crowned the winner of HGTV’s 2010 Dream Home. She has the type of life story that makes for a 2-hour episode of Extreme Makeover. How’d they miss her? It doesn’t matter because now she’s got something [...]

Ready for Anything0

Need a quick, sturdy structure that looks like an armadillo, is fireproof, and waterproof, too?  If so, Concrete Canvas Ltd. has a solution for you. Designed for both military and civilian purposes, Concrete Canvas Shelters require only water, air, and a small amount of time to construct.  Two models are available: the  CCS25 and CCS54.  Two [...]

LeBron Loves Furniture0

According to Home Furnishing Business, sports superstar LeBron James has signed a deal with American Signature Inc. He won’t be playing on the company’s basketball team. Instead, he will be designing furniture. Wait… what now? That’s right; apparently, LeBron loves sofas. However, will you love LeBron’s sofas? Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers star won’t be the [...]

A Better Ladder0

Storing a ladder is a big pain in the butt. You have two options: either mount the ladder horizontally on a wall using hooks, or lean it vertically against a wall.  Both options take up quite a bit of room.   In one instance, you’ve devoted pretty much the entire length of wall (though if you paint the ladder, you [...]

Blood Bath0

The film Psycho scared the hell out of me.  The surprisingly great sequel, Psycho 2 (and to a lesser extent, Psycho 3) managed to intensify my  fear of being murdered in the shower, akin to what Jaws did to my fragile mind about swimming (anywhere!).  Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE taking a shower.  It is [...]

Okvath Family Faces Extreme Foreclosure1

In 2005, the Okvath family received their dream home from the good folks at Extreme Makeover. Unfortunately, it looks like they aren’t going to be able couldn’t keep it.   According to the East Valley Tribune in Gilbert, Arizona, the Okvath family is the latest in a line of Makeover families currently facing foreclosure. ABC’s [...]

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