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The Law of Gravity0

There’s no way around it – things fall.   They also drop, droop,  drip, tip, and roll.  We don’t always like it , but that’s why they call it the LAW of gravity. It’s there and we humans have to deal with – unless we want to look like marshmallows and float around in space all the time. 

When it comes to construction vehicles, there are three factors, in addition to gravity, that cause tipping, rolling, or dropping: 

  1. Miscalculating the weight of something being lifted.
  2. Loose earth.
  3. Stupidity.

This first video combines all three of these factors.  I’m not really sure how this happens…


Okay… either the brake went out on the truck or the driver is mad at the company and decided to destroy stuff.  Either way, lots of factor #3 going on. 

Then you have what I call the Hulk  Syndrome, which occurs when the weekend warrior rents a way-cool vehicle and thinks it can do more than it is capable of . . .

Did you hear that “Oops.”  Unfortunately, I’ve been there.  Only I didn’t tip all the way over. 

Here’s another example of  Hulk Syndrome—only with more destruction:

Gah!  I love how the guy on the wall is totally clueless, then turns into Spiderman to escape, then becomes the most nonchalant guy on the planet.

The next video is yet another example of too much weight on a machine.  But in this case, lots of collateral damage:

What’s that smell?  The smell of losing your job.

I prefer my tips, rolls, and drops in a cuter fashion:

Yeah, I know there aren’t any construction vehicles in there… but he’s soooo cute, even if a little spastic. 

by John Barker

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