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It’s been more than a week since we talked about toilets - an apparently popular topic around here.   Just so you don’t have withdrawal, here we go again. 

I used to put a brick in my toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used when flushing.  It worked pretty well, in general.  Wherever the brick was, water wasn’t, so my overall water use was less. Sure, it’s a bit ghetto, but it saved money.

Now there’s a more elegant solution: the Simple Flush.

Named one of Popular Science’s12 Must-Have Products, the Simple Flush from Brondell is an electronic valve that allows two different types of flushing—a full flush or a half flush.   Let’s just say that when the flushable contents of the toilet are the same color as a chocolate cake, a powerful full flush is in order.  But when the contents shine like the sun, a half flush will do the job. 

With the Simple Flush system, and depending on what type of toilet you have (and what kind of waste you have),  it may be possible to reduce water usage up to 50%—which adds up to around $100 per year.

This video shows you just how easy this thing is to install:

In my humble opinion, Simple Flush is one of those devices that makes perfect sense (and for the record, there aren’t many things in my life that make sense).  It’s a simple design that’s easy to install and helps save the environment.  And at $79 . . .  you really can’t lose.

Count me in.

by John Barker

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