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Lowes Offers Health Improvement for Employees0

When I go to the hardware store,  I want to be helped by happy healthy people.  I don’t want be mentally reviewing my CPR checklist while the hardware guy is  loading shingles onto my truck  because I’m worried he might keel over from the exertion.   

Apparently the folks at Lowe’s feel similarly.   The mega home-improvement store announced this week that two mobile health vehicles will be traveling across the country to over 1,300 Lowe’s stores so employees can have their blood pressure and cholesteral checked, be screened for diabetes, and learn about their BMI (Body Mass Index)  – a recognized  indicator of overall good health.  Employees will be able to track the progress of the units online and schedule an appointment for their screening as the tour approaches.

The effort  is part of  Lowe’s Life Track health and wellness program that promotes healthy lifestyles for their 238,000 employees.  This mobile program will reach approximately 70,000 people. 

“Lowe’s is the first national retailer to provide free health screenings exclusively to our employees using mobile units,” said Bob Ihrie, Lowe’s senior vice president of employee rewards and services.   More and more companies are recognizing that promoting healthier work places leads to less absenteeism and higher employee moral. 

So the next time you are in Lowes, ask one of the associates what his BMI is, and see if says “We don’t sell those here.”  If he does, maybe the mobile health unit just hasn’t hit your store yet, but if he perks up and says “It’s a 24,” then feel free to stock up on those shingles.

Have a healthy weekend!

by Jon Burke

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