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UFO Sighting0

After many years of searching, I can finally say that I’ve seen a UFO.  But it’s not the kind that comes from outer space carrying little green guys with rectal probes.

It’s this thing:



This is the  UFO Surge Suppressor from ezGear.

Touted by the manufacturer as “more than just a plug expander,” the UFO allows a power transformer to fit into each one of its six sockets while also providing built-in 1050 Joule surge protection.  The space between each socket is quite large, providing lots of wiggle room for cables and such.  A four-foot long, 14 gauge cable allows you to place the UFO in an out-of-the-way area.

There are many variations of the ezSpace UFO, including a wall-mounted version that plugs directly into your wall socket.  A screw secures it safely in place.


This version of the UFO includes a LED indicator and a reset button on the front.  I’m rather partial to this design, as the direct mounting to the wall socket insures that it is out of the way.

Prices hover in the mid-twenty dollar range, so these little devices won’t strain your budget.

So there you have it: my first UFO sighting.  And I didn’t even need SETI to find it.

Note: No rectal probes were used in the writing of this article.  And for that, I’m quite happy.

 by John Barker

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