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Nothing beats good ol’ Elmer’s when it comes to macaroni on Mother’s Day cards, but the white stuff isn’t going to get you through any heavy-duty home projects. Of course, there are plenty of other glues out there. However, things can get pretty gooey when it comes to choosing the right one for a particular situation.

Now, Pacer Technology, the people behind Super Glue, wants to make the decision a little less sticky. They have just launched a service called The Interactive Glue Guide.  Just call 866-GLUE911 – or text “superglue” to 41411 from any phone – and answer a few questions related to your project.  The information on the other end of the line will help you determine the best glue for your project.  

After they advise you on the perfect glue product, they will give you its exact name and even send a picture, if your phone has that capability.

Of course, Pacer doesn’t expect the calling details to stick in your brain. Instead, they plan to put ads for The Interactive Glue Guide into various retail locations.

“When the retail outlet displays the Interactive Glue Guide instructions, the outlet becomes the solution center for customers and it removes the retail staff’s burden of answering customers’ technical, adhesive-related questions,” says Ron Gravette, president of Pacer Technology. “It empowers the consumer to make the right choice quickly.”

The new Interactive Guide does put a unique spin on glue. However, it would be an added bonus if they could also help you get unglued — you know, from paper, pieces of wood, or even your own fingers.

By Rachel Cericola

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