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Dust Bunny0

Were we talking about vaccuum cleaners recently

How about a little lo-tech alternative:  the Dust Bunny   

I don’t know, but the dust bunnies in my house don’t look anywhere near as cute as this little guy.

Designed by Liz Goulet of the Fred and Friends Studio, the Dust Bunny is made of high-pile, uber-dust-attracting microfiber.  Except for the little fluffy tail –  that’s soft chenille.  The flat tummy is used for general dusting, while the tail can catch dust in tight areas.

Dust Bunny is re-usable and machine-washable.  When you tire of cleaning, you can put on a little puppet show for the kiddies.  Or maybe Dust Bunny will be so appealing, you can talk the kids into doing the dusting for you! 

In digging around a little, I found nothing but positive feedback about the Dust Bunny.  The only concern is about washing Dust Bunny separately from other clothes in the washing machine.   I’m not sure why, but perhaps it has something to do with all of the collected dust becoming re-collected on your black pants.

I hate when that happens.

Is it just me or does Dust Bunny look a bit freaky in its bag . . .

. . . do you hear the muffled screams?   Look at those eyes. 

I might stick with the LuVac.

by John Barker

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