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Diggedy Dozer0


Pretty cute, eh?  

Or creepy?  I have something of a problem when it comes to humanizing machines.  The whole zombie-apocalypse thing . . .

But I guess it’s never too early to learn about construction and home improvement.  And if  Thomas the Tank Engine is any indication, I guess the kiddies (those little, tiny ones that seem like they have no bones and drool everywhere) like this stuff. 

Unlike Thomas, which is created using miniature models and sets, Diggedy Dozer is entirely computer generated.  While no Toy Story, the animation gets the job done and gives the characters enough personality to relay the lesson of each episode.

Speaking of which, in this episode, the lesson was  compromise.  I’m not so sure that compromise is a big part of a Fix-It-Yourself-er’s vocabulary  What happens when you compromise on the wiring of your house?  Lots of flames followed by an army of firefighters, that’s what.  Compromise with the wife on a house project?  We all know it’s going to be her way or the highway. 

But maybe a drinking game. . . .Yeah, that’s it.  A drinking game with Diggedy and his pals.  Any ideas to get us through a Monday?

by John Barker

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