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Leather Rugs – At Your Own Risk0

We’re approaching an age where almost anything can be recycled.  Reclaiming upholstery leather never really occurred to me – probably because when I think of used upholstery, I think of stains and nasty smells.

But maybe that comes from having dogs as pets.  They tend not to care where any smelly thing goes.  Kinda like this little guy:

Mmmmmm.  Delicious dog smell.  My favorite.  Right next to the lovely aroma of cat poop.

But, maybe designer Eileen Fisher was not a pet owner.  She thinks it’s a good idea to recycle leather upholstery into rugs.

I like this idea, though I’m a bit leery.  Used upholstery has a history of abuse, including:

  • People’s butts and everything that happens down there.
  • Burrowing animals, like the wiener dog in the video.
  • Tons of crumbs.  TONS.  We know this.
  • The random sexual event.  You know who you are. I know who I am.  Let’s not lie.

Luckily, there is technology that allows for serious reconditioning of materials.  Otherwise, this product could have some real marketing problems.

Designed to appear ragged and homemade, these rugs are finished with cotton binding on each end.  They’re quite pretty, and seem tailored to augment darker furniture and color patterns.

These rugs can be found at Garnet Hill  and range in price from $98.00 to $398.00. 

I’d risk it:  these rugs are quite attractive and reuse a material that comes from a living creature.  And in today’s massively plastic society, that’s quite a feat.

By John Barker

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