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Blood Bath0

The film Psycho scared the hell out of me.  The surprisingly great sequel, Psycho 2 (and to a lesser extent, Psycho 3) managed to intensify my  fear of being murdered in the shower, akin to what Jaws did to my fragile mind about swimming (anywhere!).

 Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE taking a shower.  It is often the highpoint of my day (everything slides straight down the s**tter after that).  I just don’t like the idea of being stabbed in the shower.  Probably due to the whole naked/defenseless thing, don’t-cha think?


No, that’s not a crime scene from my house.  It’s the Blood Bath Shower Curtain, made of machine washable polyester and water resistant.  Good thing on that last part.  It would suck as a shower curtain if it wasn’t.

Fans of horror flicks (Psycho in particular) will love this thing.  It is very cool looking—though a bit creepy.   

But what kind of bath mat does one get for the bloody-phycho-killer-themed  bathroom?  

Doesn’t it just pull the room together?!?!

And the final coordinating element:

Though no Norman Bates, this life-sized sculpture of Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th movies is definitely more imposing.  And just plain scary.

I don’t know that I’d last for more than 2 minutes in a bathroom decorated with this stuff.  But at least I’d be in the right room to get the s**t scared outta me.

 by John Barker

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