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A Better Ladder0

Storing a ladder is a big pain in the butt. You have two options: either mount the ladder horizontally on a wall using hooks, or lean it vertically against a wall.  Both options take up quite a bit of room.   In one instance, you’ve devoted pretty much the entire length of wall (though if you paint the ladder, you may be able to pass it off as modern art).  In the other case, the space between the bottom of the ladder and the wall might as well be gone.   

And forget trying to wedge a ladder in a closet.  It doesn’t work.  I’ve tried.

But this guy, Itay Laniado, got smart  He created this:


a collapsible ladder held together by one strap looped through a ratchet.  That’s it.  No glue.  No screws.

When extended, the strap acts as two of the ladder’s five steps.

The strap doubles as a carrying handle when the ladder is collapsed.

Speaking of collapse . . . It would hurt like hell if that ratchet somehow gave way.  The whole thing would smash into you before you plummeted to the ground.  If I ever find a YouTube video of that, rest assured it will show up here.

In digging around, I could find no price for this item.  I suspect it is a prototype.  If this is the case, I hope they hurry up and mass-produce this sucker!  I’m getting tired of staring at my ugly metal ladder leaning against the side of the  house.

by John Barker

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