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Need a quick, sturdy structure that looks like an armadillo, is fireproof, and waterproof, too?  If so, Concrete Canvas Ltd. has a solution for you.

Designed for both military and civilian purposes, Concrete Canvas Shelters require only water, air, and a small amount of time to construct.  Two models are available: the  CCS25 and CCS54.  Two people can build CCS25 in 24 hours.  That’s pretty darned fast for a semi-permanent (10+ years) concrete structure!

According the their web site, the idea for Concrete Canvas arose “from the idea of using inflation to create a purely tensile surface to use as the formwork for perfect compressive forms, thus using the properties of concrete most efficiently.”

That’s quite a mouthful.  I think it’s saying that they wanted to develop a surface that would cling to porous materials.  But I’m not sure.

Perhaps this video will help explain things better:

Concrete Canvas Shelters have excellent thermal properties thanks to berming—the use of earth or snow against the building’s walls.  Berming reduces heat loss, yet maintains a constant indoor temperature.  In the case of earth berming, it also makes the unit bulletproof.  But situations involving bullets are something us Fix-It-Yourself-ers hope to avoid, right?

These units are also designed for modular use; they can be connected together by the doorways of each section.

The same concrete cloth material can be used for other projects such as ditch-lining and pipe protection. 

Wave of the future?   I don’t know, but they are currently being factory-produced in Wales. 

by John Barker

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