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Burnin’ Down the House0

Of course burning down (or destroying in any manner) the house is only amusing when it’s not your own.  The concept of destruction as entertainment  is as old as… well, as destruction itself.

I find it remarkable that so many movies also feature home destruction.  I find it even more remarkable that it is so difficult to actually find footage from these films.  But, being the diligent little writer that I am, I dug around a bit with a few titles in mind.

If you are a child of the 80s like I am, you’ll have fond memories of these clips.  Each of these movies became incredibly popular, in part, because of these scenes.

How can we Fix-It-Yourself-ers not hold this movie dear in our hearts?  Thank God most of us haven’t had this kind of experience  – though I know someone who has come pretty close. 

All of us action fans will remember this final clip.  It was one of the more ass-kicking scenes ever put in a film: Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) avenging the death of his girlfriend by destroying the hell out of a house with his GMC dually.

That zany Martin Riggs is just his own force of nature, isn’t he?

Any other FIY-nightmare-home-destruction movie suggestions?

by John Barker

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