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Wind Light, Star Bright0

As of 2005, wind turbines generated approximately 17 billion kilowatt-hours of energy in the United States each year (which equals enough power for roughly 1.6 million homes).

These Wind Lights from Mathmos are a bit smaller than actual turbines. 

A lot smaller, actually.  And while they’re not hooked into a large power grid, they will provide a bit of light for your lawn or garden, look quite pretty doing so, and not draw any additional energy from the personal power grid of your home. 

Standing a whopping 8” tall, these little wind turbines react to the slightest breeze.  The rotor powers small LED lights in each turbine.  Color options are currently limited to red or blue—if only there also white ones, you could set up a big, wind driven American flag in your front yard. 

In 2007, the Mathmos Wind Lights were used in several large-scale projects designed by Jason Bruges Studio  to symbolize the potential of wind as an eco-friendly power source.  The results are beautiful and quite organic.  Picture something akin to fireflies held by tiny ropes, just as random, but unable to fly away.

Wind Lights are available for $12.99 (red) and $17.99 (blue).

by John Barker

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