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Functional & Flirty Work Dress1

We’re not used to strapping on something sassy to hammer nails and apply paint. However, for Caroline Woolard, functional does not have to equal frumpy.

To spruce up the typical workwear, she designed the Work Dress, which is sort of a hybrid apron/tool belt. It has an insane amount of pockets, which can hold tools, tape measures, brushes, and even a lipstick, if you are so inclined. Basically, the only limitation is your own strength, since you’ll be the one carrying it all.

Caroline came up with the design for the dress, but a male friend did the sewing.  She created the piece as part of the OurGoods project, a peer-to-peer network, which offers the exchange of goods and services between artists, designers, craftspeople, and anyone else with a little creativity.

So, of course, that means you can’t drive to the local Home Depot or even Dress Barn to buy up one of these for the handy gal in your life. Instead, Caroline is looking for interesting swaps. So far, she’s accepted unlimited access to laundry in New York City, a website and business cards, a personal violin concert, and a few other nifty items.

If you don’t have skills, such as superhero training or magic massaging fingers (those are barters in progress), you can donate $200, and she’ll send you a dress. 

 By Rachel Cericola

 Photo Credit: Martyna Szczesna []

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  1. Ronald Klimaszewski
    Great text, truly!
    April 14, 2011 at 6:03 pm | Permalink
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