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Demolition Derby0

There’s something . . . I dunno . . . soothing in the word demolition.  Probably because I enjoy smashing a sledgehammer through drywall.

But let’s face it.  Most of the demolition we Fix-It-Yourself-ers will be involved in is small fry:  stuff like ripping out framing, tearing out insulation, or tearing a roof off of a house.

And that’s probably a good thing.  Big time demolition takes a lot of skill and know-how.  But even the pros make mistakes.  And when they do, they’re quite spectacular.

I was lucky enough to be on site when they demolished the old City Hall building in Orlando for Lethal Weapon 3.  It was quite an explosion, and though the building went down as planned, it also blew out a bunch of windows in nearby buildings – including the new City Hall.

Here’s how it looked in the final film:

And here’s another good one.  Even I know that you start at the top when using a crane to demo a building.  Apparently this guy didn’t.  Couple that with the crane being too short, and you have a problem:

I saved the best for last.  This is what I would consider a major mistake—and it looks just plain odd.

If I worked for that demo company, I’d scramble to get my company name and logo off of that building!

by John Barker

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