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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Mailbox Chic0

Be it cute, silly, or just plain ugly, a mailbox is a window to the homeowner’s personality. Take this mailbox, for example:  I think the message here is broadcast loud and clear.  I not only want to avoid this house, but  I also want to sing praises to the brave mailman for sticking his hand [...]

Stress Reduction with Home Improvement0

I may not be a complete Type A personality, but little things get me angry.  For example, I hate fumbling in my pocket for a nail or screw, dropping it, then having to climb down a ladder to retrieve it.  This type of frustrating scenario is simply infuriates me. That’s why I want one of these:   [...]

AutoCAD Helps Design DIY Dreams0

We all have DIY dreams. However, those dreams need a blueprint — and a cocktail napkin doesn’t count. AutoCAD Freestyle by Autodesk is helping DIYers draft up professional looking plans, without having to call in an architect. Designed for those of us who like laying things out with paper and pen (or maybe crayons), this downloadable software [...]


I don’t work out too much, though I should.  As such, when spinning became a fitness fad, I had no idea what it was. I learned about the spinning that had captivated the masses the hard way—by being roped into it by a friend.  Now, blinky lights and hot women on stationary bikes are all good by [...]

The 17-year Light Bulb0

  I once heard about a company that developed automobile tires that would never wear down.  Be this fact or fiction, the concept is interesting because a development of this type would destroy the tire industry.  Quite simply, tires are designed to wear down so we have to buy new ones.  Have you noticed?  The never-ending [...]

A Monster That’s Good for Gutters0

Gutters take a year-round beating. Whether rain, sleet, or snow, funk manages to make its way into the deep crevices. You aren’t exactly helping with those “cleaning” skills, either. The GutterMonster won’t help hold the ladder, but it keeps your gutters fresh and functioning, all with screws and a few pieces of plastic, which include [...]

Jenn-Air Cooks Up Oven Touchscreen0

Planning a new kitchen? You can really cook up something special if you add the new Jenn-Air Double Wall Oven with V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System. It may look like a standard double oven, but this thing is loaded with features.  First off, just having two ovens that can work at the same time is [...]

Your Plate. It’s What’s for Dinner.0

The concept of eating your plate when you’re done with the meal has been around for a while—long enough, in fact, that (if you’re in the right place), you’ll have quite a variety to choose from. Eating your plate is, to me, one of the ultimate “Green” ideas.  There’s no waste. . .unless you don’t [...]

T-Shirt Tackles Plumber’s Butt0

Everyone’s seen it. Nobody wants to. The dreaded plumber’s butt has managed to scar eyes around the world. Now, in honor of National Plumber’s Month, Duluth Trading Company just announced its campaign to make plumber’s butt a thing of the past. The Longtail T is a 100-percent cotton shirt that’s actually three inches longer than [...]

Spring Cleaning0

If I had the budget, I’d decorate each room in my house with in a separate theme.  One room would be dedicated to movies, another to history, another to nature, etc.  But, since I literally eat hot dogs and Raman noodles every day, the odds of this happening are slim.  No . . . let’s just say impossible. [...]

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