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Lil’ Guppie0

When I was a kid, I had a fresh water fish tank.  Goldfish, Black Mollys, and Guppies swam around the little fake treasure chest and plastic plants.

But this Lil Guppie from Columbia River Knife & Tool doesn’t swim.  And if it did, it would be the sole survivor of the tank due to its incredible versatility.

This little multi-tool is basically just a large carabiner with cool stuff on it.  It attaches easily to a D-ring, backpack, or belt loop.  But it is so much more . . .


First you have the adjustable wrench, which can be opened to 10mm.  While not for use in repairing giant robots or any sort of 1920s retro-style flying machine, this little wrench is great for assembling bookshelves, grills, benches . . . you get the picture.


Then you have the inch-long high-carbon stainless steel blade.  It can be flicked out with one hand, which is great when you need to keep a tight hold on something—say a knot in a rope—and need to make a cut.

Other features include a flat-head screwdriver in the tail of the Lil Guppie and a Phillips-head in the base.  The curve on the bottom is a bottle opener (never know when it’s going to be beer time!). 

There’s also a detachable pocket clip —which I find odd.  It would make a nice money clip, but I don’t really see the point. . . especially if you don’t have any.  Money, that is.   Maybe they just had a blank space and needed to fill it with something.

Overall, I like the design of the Lil Guppie.   I wouldn’t necessarily let it swim with the other fishies, however.  Unless they’re as ably equipped, that is.

by John Barker

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