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Benjamin Moore Makes Stink-Free Paint0

Most paint stinks.  No way around it.  Open the windows, turn on the fan, and get the heck out while the stuff is drying. 

However, Benjamin Moore’s Natura, a zero-VOC interior paint, doesn’t have any smell.  Available in thousands of hues and sheens, it doesn’t stink either.

VOC stands for “volatile organic compound.”  Since Natura doesn’t have any of those nasties, it doesn’t  have the same stench as the paint cans currently fuming up your garage and/or basement.  And, taking out the VOCs doesn’t mean putting something equally horrible back in, so Benjamin Moore bills Natura as an “eco-friendly” paint solution. 

“Being green has never been so colorful,” said Carl Minchew, Benjamin Moore director of color technology. “Until now, zero-VOC paints meant restricted color options, because traditional colorants add the VOCs,” he explained. “But, Natura is built upon Benjamin Moore’s patented Gennex waterborne colorant system, and it’s the waterborne technology that makes the difference. So, no matter what color you choose, it will never add to the VOC level. Natura is green without compromise—the greenest paint Benjamin Moore has ever made.”

There are plenty of choices too, since Natura is available in all of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300 colors. Even better, it dries super fast, so you should be able to lean against those freshly painted walls in about 30 minutes. If you didn’t time things so well, it’s also pretty washable. Just make sure to add in another couple of  hours for re-coating.

Aside from the endless color scheme, the Natura range includes a primer plus three sheens: flat, eggshell and semi-gloss. Natura sells for about $49.99 a gallon. 

By Rachel Cericola

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