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Brinno Adds LCD to Peephole0

Who knew there would be advancements in the peephole industry? Brinno, that’s who.

The company recently designed the Brinno PeepHole Viewer which adds the high-definition effects of movies, the Super Bowl, and just about everything on TV to the good ol’ fashioned peephole.  Even if you think you don’t need a more lifelike view of the mailman or your local axe murder, this product  enhances that teeny, distorted image that sends many people  into a squinting frenzy.


Two AA batteries deliver a panoramic digital view to the PeepHole Viewer’s 2.5-inch LCD screen. Aside from getting a nice sneak peek at who might be knocking at your front and/or back door, the high-def peephole is also a great solution for those who shouldn’t be opening the door at whim — mainly kids or the elderly.

Press a button on the PeepHole Viewer to get a wide panoramic view. Another push will zoom in for a closer look. Pressing twice will instruct the unit to toggle between the two views, which seems completely bizarre and unnecessary, but ok.  The automatic shut-off, which occurs after 10 seconds of peeping, is an especially good feature to conserve that precious battery power.

Before you go off scrambling for an electrician to install your cutting edge peephole, read the instructions.  Or watch the video below.   Brinno says you can do it yourself in as little as five minutes.  Hmmm, could you take it on the road to scope out those creepy hotel hallways? 

If you’ve already seen enough, you can score a Brinno PeepHole Viewer online or at your local Fry’s for $129.

By Rachel Cericola

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