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The Advantage of Vantage0

An LCD screen for your peephole.  For your fridge.  And for your washing machine, too.  

Whirlpool will soon release their new Vantage washer and dryer, the best new addition to your laundry room since hangers.  Whirlpool’s innovative,  high-tech series of “smart” appliances include the first washer/dryer set with a USB port to update firmware.  The touch-screen LCD monitors on both machines allow users to select their cycles, program in preferences, and even create and save personalized washing and drying instructions to the machine.   Could be even better than a wife!

The monitors also show energy and water efficiency for each load, as well as provide a monthly summary.  The washer is also being touted as the world’s first “super energy efficient” top-loader.  The dryer time is determined by sensing the dampness of the clothes instead of by a predetermined cycle length.  According to the company, dryers are one of the best categories to benefit from the interactive technology of the smart-grid. Smart-grid compatible appliances communicate with the local utility company in monitoring energy use.  Whirlpool has promised to produce 1 million smart-grid appliances by the end of 2011.

Neato technology also comes at a super high price, however.  Be ready to hand over around $4000 for this washer/dryer set.

by John Barker

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