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Extreme Changes Coming0

We recently reported on one of the many Extreme Makeover families facing foreclosure. Now it looks as though the show is going under construction.

Don’t start yelling, “Move that bus,” just yet. This makeover will probably take more than 7 days. However, changes are coming. The Wall Street Journal says that producers plan to scale back the show a bit. So instead of giving away mini mansions, recipients may actually receive houses which they can afford to live in.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has always strived along with our volunteer builders to create not only ‘extreme’ homes, but homes that work for the owners for years to come,” a show spokesperson said. “As always, we are striving to build greener, more affordable and environmentally responsible homes, and redoubling those efforts for years to come.”


So a bowling alley isn’t green? Probably not. Apparently, it’s also not very cheap to maintain. As a result, many Extreme homeowners have been struggling with tax and utility bills.

 According to producers, the show will attempt to downsize — in square footage as well as amenities. “I think our hearts were in the right place, but we just got carried way,” says Tracy Hutson, one of the show’s on-camera interior designers. “It can be extreme without being the biggest house you’ve ever seen.” They will also continue to look for economic and earth-friendly products to incorporate into each home.

By Rachel Cericola

Photo Credit: © ABC/Bill Matlock

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