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White Trash Koi Pond0

Attention anyone in my tax bracket!  Now, you too can have your very own White Trash Koi Pond in front of your trailer!  Forget the cinder blocks needed to prop up the kitchen!  Forget any of those fancy eee-lek-trik shiny things that help you see at night!  Spend your money on this!



Watch the beautiful gold Koi swim around the bag in a mesmerizing display of beauty in an environment—

Oh, hell.  Forget it.

These are garbage bags with goldfish printed on them.

I must say that even though I make fun of the Goldfish Trashbags, I kinda like them.  Designed by Wieden & Kennedy (an advertising agency known for its work with Nike), these bags were developed with one idea in mind: Why do garbage bags look so trashy?

A little hint to help answer that question:  BECAUSE THEY ARE GARBAGE BAGS FULL OF TRASH.

Anyways, there are a dozen bags per box.  Each bag holds 14 gallons and is quite sturdy—and (I’ll grudgingly admit) quite nice to look at.  Biodegradable, too.

I have a plan.  I’m going to put a real bag full of goldfish in the middle of two Goldfish Trash Bags—then sit back and see how the garbage man reacts.

by John Barker

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