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A Cheat Sheet for Concrete0

Looking for an easy way to mix and transport concrete?  If so, this may be the answer:



This is the CreteSheet, a portable concrete mixing system that is ridiculously simple in concept.  Essentially, it’s a plastic sheet with four handles – one on each corner.  That’s it.  No whiz-bang technology here.  And, it looks like it works really well.

The CreteSheet can be used to mix up to 80 pounds of concrete in less than 90 seconds.  After pouring dry cement mix into the center of the sheet, add water, then “mix” the ingredients together by lifting the handles up and down in an alternating fashion.  It’s sort’a like a miniature manual version of what a cement truck does inside the big roller.  And it doesn’t require a wheel barrow and a shovel to mix.  Once you have wet cement, the simple design of the CreteSheet also makes it quite easy to transport the mix into hard-to-get-to places on a job site.

Sometimes, simplicity pays off:  the CreteSheet won the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award as well as the MIP Award from World of Concrete.  This video pretty much sums up the whole process:

Wouldn’t it be nice if all construction products were like that?  Wish I had thought of it first.

by John Barker

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