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Recycled Teak0

Dr. Singh Intrachooto, a Thai architect and designer, has created a line of furniture made from teak wood, steel, and plastic – all recycled.

Osisu, Dr. Intrachooto’s company, launched three lines of reclaimed furniture in 2006.  The lines, entitled “Lini,” “Lami,” and “Tilee,” are built using scrap procured from other companies.  Each piece of furniture utilizes specific angled cuts of the materials to influence the design.  As such, each piece is different and  hand-crafted, with only 10 – 20 pieces made each year.  Needless to say, these are quite expensive.  But if you were to win Seventh Generation’s Green Makeover Contest, these might be just the furnishings for you! 


The furniture is assembled with water-based glues and the finishes are all natural – non-toxic.  In an interview with Tree Hugger, Dr. Intrachooto states the importance of using such methods:

“We want to eliminate all the toxic substances not only for environmental reasons but also for the longevity of our human resource. The builders who make this furniture are master builders, very skilled, highly patient and understanding of the environmental concerns. They are irreplaceable. They must be well taken care of. They have to be healthy if we are all to survive; everything we use must not hurt them nor our customers. Else we all are going to lose the battle to save the environment.”

According to the company’s site, Osisu is a Finnish word meaning doing more than one’s best.  By the looks of this furniture, Dr. Intrachooto is living up to this ideal.

by John Barker

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