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ElectroMan, ElectroMan.  Does whatever an… um… Electro can…

Okay, so my stupid Spiderman reference didn’t work. 

But that doesn’t stop this guy from being “electrifying!”  You know?  From Grease. 

Okay, so maybe that  sorta works . . .In any case, this guy is – well, hell,  just plain cute.


We’ve had extraterrestrial.  We’ve had efficient.  And now, we have cute.

The ElectroMan Surge Protector looks pretty happy with that 22” cord coming out of his noggin.  But that sweet smile belies his true capabilities. 

This little guy can handle four separate cables and still look stylish.  At only 13” tall, he doesn’t take up much space.  There’s an on/off switch and a little red light (right where his heart would be) to show you if he’s on.

As silly as this design is, it makes a bit of sense to me.  Instead of lining up all of the sockets in a row (as most surge protectors do), ElectroMan has four grounded extensions to separate each cable.  Hence, no large power supply can take up two plug spaces.

 My problem is that when he’s in use, he looks a lot like the little Hangman guy from that kid’s game that teachers use to kill the last five minutes of class.

But, you gotta admit:   He’s electric!  Boogie-oogie-oogie!

Yeah.  I can hear you all groaning.  I’m done. 

by John Barker

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