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Shower Power0

I have a confession: I’m a shower junkie.  I love taking showers. Given that life tends to careen rapidly down hill about an hour after I wake up,  my morning shower is often the highpoint of my day.  So when I stumbled on the Gessi Private Wellness Shower while toolin’ around the ‘Net, my jaw dropped – and I started drooling.

Anything that makes a shower more like standing in the rain is a good thing.  Couple that with a few LED lights (in this case called chromatherapy lights) and multiple spray selections .  .  . well, now you’ve got a shower head with my name written all over it.

But I’m a little scared, too.  There is a spray selection option called water blades.  Sounds like a weapon in a martial arts movie, if you ask me.  What about atomisation?  A1950s sci-fi movie death-ray? Yikes! 

But rainfall. . . well, now yer talkin’.  I could stand under one of these thingsfor hours.  Call me Aquaman.  In fact, if there was a way to safely put a TV in there… Heaven.  Of course, I’d need a recliner, too.  Standing would get tiring after a bit.

The shower heads work in combination with other wall-mounted spouts and mini-shower heads of your choosing and come in three sizes: 35x35cm, 50x50cm, and 80x80cm.


While I find the following picture quite pretty, I should also point out that this is what a locker room in a futuristic sports movie would look like: 

I want one of these shower heads.  Sure beats what I’m dealing with now:

 by John Barker

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