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Mullet Buster0

Introducing the Mullet Buster from BucketBoss Extreme Gear.  According to the manufacturer, this rig will “make the hair on the back of your neck stand up” and has “an obscene amount of storage.”   Ahh, to think maybe something existed to destroy the glorious craftsmanship of such a hair style – and was practical, too. 

Let’s take a look. 

Made of 1680 denier fabric (high density nylon and polyester), the Mullet Buster sports an impressive number of pockets.  Specific pockets are designed to hold a cordless drill, a knife, nail sets, and other tools of the trade.  Many of the pockets have reinforced rims, allowing them to stay open for easy access to materials.  Larger pockets are augmented with PVC to provide the strength to hold heavier tools.

Hip support pads help make the Mullet Buster quite comfortable.

Removable, padded suspenders have an additional cell phone pocket located near the shoulder.

The only complaints from consumers involve the overall size of the Mullet Buster; it appears to be built for people XL or larger,  which renders the suspenders pretty much useless for smaller individuals.

But I’m a larger individual, so it looks pretty good to me!  But why is it called the Mullet Buster?  Don’t know.  Maybe because I’m bald?

by John Barker

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