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Spring Cleaning0

If I had the budget, I’d decorate each room in my house with in a separate theme.  One room would be dedicated to movies, another to history, another to nature, etc.  But, since I literally eat hot dogs and Raman noodles every day, the odds of this happening are slim.  No . . . let’s just say impossible.

But this mat gave me an idea.


Designed by Nguyen La Chanh, this beautiful living bath mat is made from plastazote, a rot free foam, which is  populated with three types of moss: ball, forest, and island.


I think it’s really cool (given that I have a gray thumb) that the only maintenance to keep the moss alive is your (hopefully) daily bathing habits.  The mat absorbs its sustenance from the humidity that fills the room during a bath or shower. 

Well, hell.  That’s easier than setting up a tiny sprinkler system in your bathroom.  Or sprinkling when you tinkle . . .  that would be unsanitary.

 Oh, yeah!  My idea. . .

I’m gonna tear out the carpet in my living room, throw in some dirt and seed, and make my living room into a “living” room.  I’m thinking that this will get me used to living outside after I get evicted later in the year.  Plus it will minimize the cat fur in the carpet, because there will be no carpet.

 My girlfriend may like this idea.  She’s allergic to Buster (my cat) and is something of a hippie. 

Yeah, I can see it now.  And if it doesn’t get me into BH&G, I’ll call it spring cleaning.

by John Barker

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