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Your Plate. It’s What’s for Dinner.0

The concept of eating your plate when you’re done with the meal has been around for a while—long enough, in fact, that (if you’re in the right place), you’ll have quite a variety to choose from.

Eating your plate is, to me, one of the ultimate “Green” ideas.  There’s no waste. . .unless you don’t like the flavor of your plate, that is.

Edible Plate # 1: Mange2

Created by Sebastiano Oddi, a grad student at the University of Brighton, the Mange2 is essentially an edible picnic basket for two.  It comes in 8 different flavors.

I like this idea, though it looks rather like a large waffle.  I think it might also soak up every ounce of moisture in whatever food it contains—making for quite the soggy plate and a dry meal.  Hopefully I’m wrong.

And Mange2 as a name – doesn’t work here in the states.  I don’t want stray hair in my food.

Edible Plate # 2: Tiziano Vicentini

You people that read my articles regularly know how happy I get when I see something that makes sense.  This is one of those occasions.

Vicentini’s idea is simple: an edible platter for school food.  There’s no cleaning up afterward.  The kids just eat their way into the no plate club.

And if they don’t eat it, the plate goes into a recycle bin to feed livestock.  Vincentini gets an  A+.

Edible Plate # 3: Professor Diane Bisson

At the apex of edible plate design, you will find Diane Bisson.  These plates rate on both function and form.

Escalating the idea of edible flatware to a new level, Bisson’s designs are whimsical, colorful, and don’t look like they’re gonna disintegrate while you’re eating.

From what I can gather, many of these plates come in different flavors so you can choose the best one to accompany your dinner menu.  Kinda like a fine wine. . .

So save room.  These plates look like they’ll add quite a bit of bulk, even before you get to desert. 

by John Barker

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