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A Monster That’s Good for Gutters0

Gutters take a year-round beating. Whether rain, sleet, or snow, funk manages to make its way into the deep crevices. You aren’t exactly helping with those “cleaning” skills, either.

The GutterMonster won’t help hold the ladder, but it keeps your gutters fresh and functioning, all with screws and a few pieces of plastic, which include “patent-pending inside and outside corners.” Way to go, MacGyver!


According to the GutterMonster website, the product can provide year-round protection. In the spring and summer, the GutterMonster eliminates overflow and disperses rainwater evenly along the roof line. In the fall, you basically don’t have to do anything. You are good at that. When rain comes, the GutterMonster makes a clean path for leaves and debris to be pushed right through. Finally, when winter blows in, the GutterMonster provides perfect gutter support. It also keeps icicles away from your home and roof line.

If you’re interested, a certified GutterMonster installer will come out to your home.  After cleaning your existing gutters, the installer will make sure everything is in safe, working order. Then, they install support brackets every two feet, put in a Top Cap, and finish off the job with End Caps.

The GutterMonster isn’t available as a DIY project, but they do have installers nationwide. Check the company’s website to find one in your area.

by Rachel Cericola

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