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The 17-year Light Bulb0


I once heard about a company that developed automobile tires that would never wear down.  Be this fact or fiction, the concept is interesting because a development of this type would destroy the tire industry.  Quite simply, tires are designed to wear down so we have to buy new ones.  Have you noticed?  The never-ending tire, if it existed at all, never made it big.   

So when I see that General Electric  has developed a light bulb that it claims has 17 years of life, I have to wonder if it will fly in my last conspiracy- theory laden little world.

John Strainic, Global Product General Manager for GE Lighting states, “This is a bulb that can virtually light your kid’s bedroom desk lamp from birth through high school graduation.”

The GE Energy Smart® LED bulb is expected to deliver the same light output of a 40-watt incandescent/halogen bulb, while only consuming 9-watts of power.  That alone is a good thing.

But then comes the crazy 25,000-hour life (17 years at 4 hours per day).  That’s around 25 times longer than what we’re used to in a bulb.

The key is LED technology, which can generate intense brightness while drawing little power.  There’s no filament and no mercury, and it doesn’t get hot enough to bake a ham.

The GE Energy Smart® LED bulb should be available for purchase in early 2011.  And they would be a great idea if  they didn’t cost $40 each.  Even with the big green hype, this little sucker may disappear like the ultimate tire.

by John Barker

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