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AutoCAD Helps Design DIY Dreams0

We all have DIY dreams. However, those dreams need a blueprint — and a cocktail napkin doesn’t count. AutoCAD Freestyle by Autodesk is helping DIYers draft up professional looking plans, without having to call in an architect.

Designed for those of us who like laying things out with paper and pen (or maybe crayons), this downloadable software allows users to whip up quick drawings and layouts. Whether redoing a chair or remodeling a bathroom, we’ve never heard anyone say that having a plan was a bad idea. 


Aside from creating killer 2D plans, AutoCAD Freestyle is easy to use. There are plenty of sample drawings, as well as pre-drawn, commonly used symbols—such as doors and windows, which can help save time and frustration.

Also, if you aren’t the one doing the actual dirty work, it’s an easy way to share your best ideas with the professionals. Projects are saved as a DWG, which is widely used design format.

Take a look at Autodesk YouTube channel  for a product walkthrough, tips and other videos. If you like what you see, AutoCAD is offering a 30-day free trial if you want to download the Freestyle software and give it a spin. Once you are hooked on how good your designs look when they are actually done right, you can buy the software for $49.

by Rachel Cericola

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